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Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Investigations


These are a few of the things that we investigate, along with a short description of them.


Ghosts are believed to be the spirits of a person who has lived in the past. Ghosts are believed to attach themselves to a person, place, or object. There are multiple forms of ghostly phenomenon such as: poltergeists, demons, shadow people, imps, orbs, and light activity among others.

-Bigfoot / Sasquatch-

Sasquatch (aka bigfoot) is the most famous creature in all the fields of cryptozoology. Believed to be a nearly extinct or unknown primate, sasquatch has been spotted frequently throughout the world for hundreds of years. The most famous piece of sasquatch video footage ever recorded is the 1967 Patterson Gimlin film recorded in northern California.

-Lake Monsters-

Lake monsters are believed to be extinct or previously undiscovered creatures that roam our large bodies of water. Many strange creatures have been photographed, and caught on video cameras around the world. They scare, but fascinate mankind with there existence.


The Mothman is a creature with large wings and piercing red eyes that's most famously known for the sightings in 1966-1967 in Point Plesant, West Virginia. It is believed to be a spiritual being or a mutated bird. Mothman is generally reported in multiple places throughout the world (mainly in the United States and Russia).

-UFO Cases-

UFO's are seen throughout the world. UFO's appear as strange lights, shapes, objects, or even humanoid figures in the sky. The Bigfoots Pad Paranormal team has been eyewitnesses to many sightings themselves. Next time you see a star or strange object in the sky, take a second to ask yourself, What If?

-Alien Abductions-

Aliens have been a debatable subject for centuries. Aliens are believed to be intelligent life-forms from beyond our solar systems. The most popular sighted aliens are known as the greys (their likeness is pictured above). There are many other races and types of beings that are seen as well. Is science true when they say that we are alone in the universe?


The Chupacabra is a cryptid commonly found in the southern United States and Puerto Rico. It is said to suck blood from various types of animals. The Chupacabra has caused widespread havoc in small towns and villages throughout the south. The people who have seen the creature say that it is between 3-5 feet tall with red eyes similar to the mothman.