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Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Investigations


-Meet The Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Investigations Team-

  Name: Jeremy

Favorite Paranormal Activity: UFO Crash Cases

Gadget Of Choice: Audio Recorder    

Favorite Paranormal Case: Ely, Nevada UFO Crash

Bio: Jeremy is the founder of Bigfoots Pad. He has been interested in paranormal happenings since a young child. After growing up in a haunted house himself, he understands how hauntings can affect people and how important teams such as Bigfoots Pad are to the communities. Jeremy constantly researches the paranormal and drives the team to do their best.

Name: Tim

Favorite Paranormal Activity: Aliens/Ghosts

Gadget Of Choice: Digital Camera / Video

Favorite Paranormal Case: Ely, Nevada UFO Crash

Bio: Tim he has been interested in the paranormal for as long as anyone can remember. He has been with Bigfoots Pad since the beginning and is a key asset to the team. Tim is the website editor and equipment tech for Bigfoots Pad. Tim does his research with an open mind and is always open to trying new things. Tim is enjoys looking for adventure which makes him a great team member. 

Name: Nick

Favorite Paranormal Activity: Cryptids

Gadget Of Choice: Px Ovilus

Favorite Paranormal Case: Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film

Bio: Nick joined us soon after Bigfoots Pad was formed. Nick has studied in multiple religious practices and beliefs from around the world which makes him our religious expert. When needed, Nick uses his religious expertise to help contact spirits during our investigations. Nick has encountered some strange things with Bigfoots Pad over the years and can spin yarn for hours on his personal experiences.