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Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Investigations


-Upcoming 2018 Investigations-

-Ely, Nevada UFO Crashes-

Jeremy and Nick have been researching a series of UFO crashes and landings in northern Nevada for several years now. With extensive field research, interviews, and a few helpful words from ufologist Stanton Friedman they came across some startling new evidence. Jeremy frequently does media interviews and online updates on the case. Stay tuned for the upcoming book and documentary release dates!

-Boulder Dam Hotel, Nevada-

We are proud to announce that the team will re-embark on another follow up investigation at the historic Boulder Dam Hotel. The hotel is known for having several spirits on the property. Some of the apparitions that have been reported are: a butler, an old security gaurd, the previous owner, a child, an older woman, and 2 unknowns. The team will be setting up their base camp in some of the hotel's most haunted rooms in search of the unknown. The team has hopes of documenting more paranormal evidence at the hotel.

-Southern Nevada Sand Yeti-

We will once again venture into the desert sands of southern Nevada in search of the sand yeti. Doubted by many skeptics, we assure you that this creature is very much alive. We've been on multiple sand yeti investigations in the past few years. During the course of a our investigations, we've personally captured physical evidence, vocalizations, and more! This is one of our favorite cases to investigate.

-Point Pleasant West Virginia, Annual Mothman Festival-

While visiting Point Pleasant, our team will be doing a thorough search of the area for the legendary mothman. We will be revisiting old eyewitness accounts and documenting any recent sightings. We will be staying in the nearby town of Gallipolis, West Virginia. Feel free to visit our display stand during the festival and say hello!

-Apache County, Arizona-

After doing some research, we've learned of the extensive number of sasquatch sightings in the region. For years now this location has had strange creature sightings coming out of it. There are reports of nests, humanoid figures, footprints, and vocalizations. We will be taking a trip or two to this location in the near future. We think that this is a very promising location for finding sasquatch evidence.

-Paratour Trips-

The Bigfoots Pad Paranormal team embarks on their biggest paranormal trip of the entire year! Each summer we investigate some of our favorite paranormal locations along with new ones. We are always looking forward to these annual trips to capture new pieces of paranormal evidence. Check back frequently for more information about the upcoming trips.

Stay Tuned For More Upcoming Investigations!