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Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Investigations


Bigfoot's Pad Paranormal Video Gallery

Here are the videos of our expeditions, investigations, and other notable things.

More videos can be found on our Youtube page. 

Ashford Mill - Investigation Evidence

Abandoned Mill Remains Were Investigated By The Bigfoots Pad Paranormal In Search Of Spirits From The Past. Little Did We Know We Would Catch A Large Amount Of Ghostly Evidence.

Death Valley Refinery - Investigation Evidence

The Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Investigators Searched For Ghostly Activity At One Of The Oldest Ore Refineries In California. We Caught A Few Unexplainable Things That Night.

Haunted 1800's Ranch House Evidence

The BFP team conducted a paranormal investigation at one of Nevada's most haunted historic ranches dating back to the late 19th century. Unexplained voices and other audio was captured.

The Nevada Sand Yeti, A BFP Documentary Preview

Bigfoots Pad Paranormal presents an exclusive look at their newest documentary.

Goodsprings Cemetery - Ghost Investigation

The team once again ventured to the historic cemetery in search of ghostly activities. (April 2020)

Sandy Valley Cemetery - Investigation 2

Sandy Valley's cemetery was investigated a second time by the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal.

Family Member - Ghost Scratch

In January 2020 a family member of Bigfoots Pad Paranormal was apparently scratched by a spirit while at work.

Goodsprings Cemetery - Ghost Investigation

We conducted a follow-up investigation at this historic Nevada ranch. (February 2020)

Cathedral Canyon Ghost Investigation

On August 11, 2019 BFP visited Cathedral Canyon in search of paranormal activity. It was originally built as a religious tourist destination but is now abandoned. There were signs of occult activity and satanic rituals. Check out the evidence we caught that evening.

Noonday Anaconda Mill - Case Evidence

Bigfoot's Pad Paranormal members Tim, Jeremy, and Nick traveled to Noonday, California to search for paranormal activity in the old Anaconda mill. Some unexplained video evidence was captured. You will not want to miss out on what we caught on film.

Silver Reef Cemetery - Case Evidence

The team conducted an investigation at one of Southern Utah's historic mining cemeteries. We caught all sorts of things that evening. Check it out!

Baker, Nevada UFO Spotting Trip

Bigfoot's Pad Paranormal members Tim, Jeremy, and Nick traveled to Noonday, California to search for paranormal activity in the old Anaconda mill. Some unexplained video evidence was captured. You will not want to miss out on what we caught on film.

KDSS 92.7 Radio Show Interview With Bigfoots Pad Paranormal

On May 10, 2019 Bigfoots Pad Drove Out To Ely, Nevada Once Again To Film And Conduct Additional Field Work At One Of Ely's UFO crash sites.

While In Town, The Bigfoot's Pad Paranormal Trio Were Also Guests On The 92.7 KDSS Morning Show With Our Good Friend Mustang.

Take A Look As We Discuss The Team, Our Documentary, What We Do, Cases, The Teams Future, And So Much More!

Battle Site Investigation #3 - Case Evidence

On May 5, 2019 BFP Conducted Another Follow-up Investigation At One Of Their Favorite Haunts.

Watch The Video To See What We Caught!

Valley Of Fire UFO Spotting Trip

The BFP investigators traveled out to this location late at night to watch the skies for strange activity. (April 2019)

That night we caught some very strange lights in the sky!


Westpoint Cemetery - Investigation 1 Evidence

Bigfoots' Pad conducted an investigation at the historic cemetery that served the westernmost settlement on the Muddy River. (April 2019)

The Old Clark County Railroad Station #3 Case Evidence

The BFP Crew Revisited The Haunted Location Of One Of Their Scariest Encounters.

That Evening We Captured Some More Evp, Video, Audio, And Other Evidence Proving The Location Is Definitely Haunted.

Check Out The Video To See What We Got.

Aguereberry Camp: Shadow Ghost - Evidence Recap

This Video is Just A Quick Recap To One Of Our Most Recent Pieces Of Evidence.

We Caught A Shadow Form Peeking / Walking Around In A Back Room When Nobody Was Back There.

We Slowed Down, Enhanced, And Cropped The Video So You Can Better See What We Caught That Night.

Bullfrog 2 - Investigation Evidence

The BFP investigators returned to this historic jail and captured unexplained video evidence.

Aguereberry Camp - Investigation Evidence

Bigfoots Pad Paranormal took a trip deep into California's Death Valley desert to an old mining camp that once housed over 300 people. The camp dates back to 1905 and was in use until around 1945 when Pete the mine owner passed away. That evening we caught A LOT of evidence!!!

Santa's Land Investigation #2 - Case Evidence

On February 2, 2019 Bigfoots Pad Paranormal revisited a location that has a special place in their hearts. Did we also mention that it is was an old Santa Claus themed roadside attraction that has a ton of paranormal activity? Among the pieces of evidence we caught were a number of lights, orbs, noises, voices, and other things.

UFO Sighting - January 2019

Team member Tim was driving home from work one night. He happened to see a strange strobing light in the sky that hovered for over thirty minutes... with no audible sound either!

Tim filmed part of this thirty minute sighting on his cell phone film.

Elizalde Investigation 2 - Evidence

Bigfoots Pad Paranormal went and revisited a location that had a ton of strange ghostly activity. This time did not let us down either.

Watch to see what strange paranormal activity we caught that night!

Freeton Ranch 3 - Evidence Reveal

One of Bigfoots Pad's favorite locations was revisited for a 3rd time. The location never lets us down. We got some neat stuff including: lights, noises, and intelligent audio evidence was captured on video answering the team's questions during EVP sessions.

Keep watching to see what else we caught that night!

Santa Claus, Arizona: Ghost Investigation Evidence

Tim, Nick, and Jeremy had an eventful night investigating this historic haunt! There were many strange things we caught that night! Keep watching the video to see what we got on film.

California Chinese Railroad Cemetery Evidence

November 2018: BFP investigators traveled deep into the California desert in search of the paranormal. Several light anomalies, video evidence, and audio clips were recorded!

Battle Site #2 - Case Evidence

October 2018 the team revisited the site of a large 1800's gun battle that raged and resulted in a massacare. Strange things were caught and occured. Watch the video to find out!

Two Guns, Arizona - Investigation Evidence

Bigfoots Pad Paranormal traveled to the location of the famous Apache death cave in search of paranormal activity. The team was the first paranormal team to investigate this legendary haunt. It definitely lived up to its reputation and name!

The Old Clark County Railroad Station Investigation Evidence

The guys of BFP returned to the old Clark County railroad station and had one of the most frightening experiences in Bigfoots Pad history! We caught MAJOR activity that night. Growls, noises, voices, walking, lights, and other strange phenomenon!

Bullfrog Jailhouse Investigation Evidence

The Bigfoots Pad Paranormal investigators arrived at Bullfrog, Nevada's historic Jail in search of the paranormal. This showcases some of the evidence and personal experiences we had that evening.

Two Guns, Arizona - Investigation Evidence

This video shows some old time photos of old Santa Claus, Arizona in it's prime. It is certainly one of our favorite places and we wanted to showcase what it once was.

Santa Claus, Arizona: Ghost Investigation

While conducting a late night investigation (August 11, 2018), the team found definite evidence of a haunting. Strange light activity, voices, and other strange phenomenon occured.

Elizalde Cement Plant - Investigation Evidence

This video highlights the evidence and experiences we caught from our Elizalde cement plant ghost investigation from 6-11-18.

Riverside Cabin Complex Evidence

On 5/27/18 BFP took an adventure to an abandoned complex of cabins to conduct a ghost investigation. This is an evidence video of what we caught that night.

Abandoned Nevada Train Station Investigation

In the evening hours of 5/13/18 the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal team members traveled to a deserted train station deep in the Nevada desert. The location has been abandoned for many years. Since then there have been rumors of homeless and drug addicts dying in the the building and nearby areas. Also possible demonic and the occults worshipping going ion as well. While we were there we caught unexplained noises, lights, snarls, and many personal experiences.

Feb 2018 Las Vegas UFO Sighting Follow Up

This video is a quick follow up for the Feb 2018 UFO Sighting...

Feb 23, 2018 Red Rock Canyon, Nevada UFO

On 2/23/18 Tim and his mother were watching tv and heard what sounded like military helicopters. It lasted 30 seconds or more. Tim went outside to find 3 helicopters in a formation. They grabbed jackets and ran to a car to follow them. They flew to Redrock Canyon and weird lights were in the sky and nearby mountains. Also there were many white suv's with no license plates and offroading lights driving around. Not knowing what they are watching, Tim began filming with his camcorder. We drove to Redrock Canyon and saw more lights, white suv's, and lots of unmarked vehicles parked along the main road. One or two lights began shooting beams of light onto a mountain. The lights began joining together and flew northeast towards north Las Vegas. The lights were intelligently controlled and had a mission.

Las Vegas / Summerlin UFO Sighting 

On the night of January 17, 2018 team member Tim was giving his parents a ride. Along the way they saw a pair of strange lights in the clear and cold night sky. As it drew closer Tim pulled over near a dark golf course and they saw it was a huge flying triangle. It flew directly over his car. It had three circular lights on the bottom that were a orange/yellow color. The object flew south. Tim quickly dropped his parents off where they were headed and drove home quickly. He ran in and grabbed his cell phone that was charging and his camcorder. He ran to the same sighting area as before and noticed the object was indeed nearby flying around in a circular pattern there 2- minutes later. He raced to another dark area a mile or so south of the first sighting area. He began to film with his dying cell phone. The object is seen but not in great quality. He filmed two Twitter Live videos but his phone died after 15-20 minutes. So then he whipped out his Sony camcorder and filmed for another 20 minutes. The sighting continued for over an hour. The object had a certain flight path. It would fly to the southeast, then north, then west, and back again to the southeast. I have encountered UFO's in the past, but this one lasted long enough for me to video it for nearly an hour. I reported my sighting to MUFON as well.

Freeton Ranch Ruins Investigation #2

The Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Team Members Returned To The Freeton Ranch Ruins To Conduct Another Investigation. Watch It To Check Out What We Found!!

Sandy Valley Cemetery Ghost Investigation

Utah 1800's Battle Site And Massacre - July 2017

The team took a trip to the site of a large gun battle that raged for several days in the 1800's. A Massacre followed after one of the sides surrendered.

Freeton Ranch Ruins July 2017

This is an hour long video of the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal on their July 3, 2017 investigation at the Freeton Ranch ruins. What exactly did they catch as evidence that night? Watch this exciting adventure to find out!

Rachel, Nevada Paranormal Encounter

Nick, a Bigfoots Pad investigator, describes an eerie encounter the team had while driving near Rachel, Nevada in June of 2017. Did the team see one of the famous lights that travelers report on Nevada's Extraterrestrial Highway?

MMC Sasquatch Investigation August 2016 

This video is of the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal venturing back to the remote woods of central California. We are again in search of the legendary cryptid known as sasquatch. We revisited the famous area in which Jeremy and Brent had their encounter in 2008. The whole team had more experiences as well back in 2010.

Ghost Town Investigation - July 2016

This video showcases our evidence from our ghost town investigation in the early morning hours of 7/18/16. The focus of the investigation was at the old brothel.

Boulder Dam Hotel 2008 - Enhanced Evidence

In July 2008 BFP ventured to Boulder City, NV as part of our Paratour 2008. This video is some enhanced evidence of that ghost hunt.

Cary House Ehanced Evidence - 2008

This video is another video of some enhanced evidence. It is from our ghost hunt from Paratour 2008 at the Cary House. 

Silver Queen Hotel, Virginia City, Nevada

This video is an enhanced evidence of our ghost hunt from 2008 in Virginia City, Nevada. Orbs, banging, and unknown talking can be heard in the various clips. The video description says it was in 2009 but it actually in 2008. Sorry about that.

Ely UFO Case Teaser Video

The Bigfoots Pad Paranormal's official teaser video for their upcoming documentary is out! "Touchdown: An Investigative Look Into Nevada's UFO Crashes And Landings" dives deep into the mystery of eastern Nevada's UFO phenomena. This video doesn't reveal much, but what it does show is the different vehicles, terrains, locations, and distance we've covered while covering this case. This video is literally years in the making. Enjoy.

Bigfoots Pad Announces Their Instagram

Bigfoots Pad team member Nick informs everybody about their new instagram! Check out our instagram at:

Bigfoots Pad Paranormal White Pine County Museum Evidence

This video showcases our evidence from our latest investigation at the White Pine Public Museum in October 2015.

Bonnie Claire Mining Area Investigation

This video is of our 10/27/15 investigation of the Bonnie Claire mining area.

Sheriff Ghost Apparition - Enhanced

This video is an enhanced copy of our famous sheriff ghost footage from 2010 in Beatty, Nevada. The first clip of the video shows some strange orbs that fly in front of the camera. The second part of the video shows an apparition that appeared at the end of the hallway three times throughout the night. To see the apparition, you will need to look at the dark window at the end of the hallway. when the apparition starts forming and moving, you will notice the darkened areas lighten up as a shape / mist goes in front of it.

Boulder City Trip 3 Evidence - Enhanced

This is an updated and enhanced video showing some famous clips of evidence from our Boulder City, NV trip #3 in 2009.

Ely UFO Crash Case Update

The Bigfoots Pad Paranormal's latest update on the Ely, Nevada UFO case. Nick tells the audience what him and Jeremy have been researching and what they've done recently to pursue leads.

Goodsprings Cemetery Investigation October 2012

Another visit to Goodsprings Cemetery in October 2012. This shows BFP investigating.

Clock Video 2

Clock once again moves uncontrollably in our home.(2008)

Clock Video 1

Clock moves uncontrollably in our home (2008)

Bigfoot's Pad Paranormal Documentary Teaser

Clock once again moves uncontrollably in our home.(2008)

Paratour 2011 Como Depot Strange Light

Strange Unknown Light Fly's Above Brent's Head

Paratour 2011 Valiton Hotel Voice "MMM"

Unknown Voice Caught On 2 Different Camcorders In The Basement (August 2011

Rhyolite Investigation Paratour 2010

During Paratour 2010 BFP ventured to the ghost town of Rhyolite. This is a short video of that investigation.

Goodsprings Cemetery Memorial Day 2011 

This is a short video of our ghost investigation that took place during the early morning hours on Memorial Day 2011.

MMC- Paratour 2010 Sasquatch Expedition August 2016

This is a video of the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal from Paratour 2010. We were looking for the legendary creature called Bigfoot in central California.

Mount Charleston Sand Yeti 2011

During the 2011 Memorial Day weekend we ventured to the mountains in search of the infamous sand yeti. Over the years we have had many eyewitness accounts and stories sent to us. We have also had many experiences ourselves. That night we went to many of the places where the eyewitness sightings took place. This is a short video of us that night...

Gold Point Paratour 2010

This Is A Video Of Bigfoot's Pad Paranormal In Gold Point, NV in August 2010. We Were Doing A Follow Up Investigation After We Caught All Sorts Of Evidence in 2009. -After reviewing this video we discovered two NEW evp's that can also be heard at 7:35 & 7:38. They were heard in the same exact spot our 2009 photo was taken.

Happy Burro "Sheriff" Ghost Visit 3

This is a video the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal team filmed during their 2010 Paratour. it was filmed on a infared camera system, and visits us for a unbelievable third time!!! It seems to be a man walking down the hallway by the door once more. This is a zoomed, and enhanced version.

Happy Burro "Sheriff" Ghost Visit 2

This is a video the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal team filmed during their 2010 Paratour. it was filmed on a infared camera system, and it appears to be a second visit of the figure of a man peeking down the hallway by the door. This is a zoomed, and enhanced version.

Happy Burro "Sheriff" Ghost

This is a video the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal team filmed during their 2010 Paratour. it was filmed on a infared camera system, and it appears to be a figure of a man walking down the hall. (2010) This is a zoomed, and enhanced version.

Boulder Dam Hotel 3 Shadow Ghost

This is a short video of while the Bigfoots Pad Team was asleep, and they happened to catch a unknown shadow hover above their bed. (2009)

Boulder Dam Hotel Investigation Hallway Investigation #3

This is another quick video of the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Investigations return to Boulder Dam Hotel for the 3rd time. (2009)

Boulder Dam Hotel Hallway Investigation 

This is a quick video of the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Investigations return to Boulder Dam Hotel for the 3rd time. (2009)

Hallway Tour

This is a quick tour of the Boulder Dam Hotel hallway. Along with a few of the haunted rooms we have stayed in before. (2008)

Paratour 2008 Call blasting Video

This video was of the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal team call-blasting shortly after a sasquatch sighting.

Bfpteam 2008 Paratour Sasquatch Sighting

This is a video of the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Investigators sighting and experiences of a sasquatch on our 2008 Paratour trip.

Cary House Hotel Part 2

This is the second part of the Cary House Investigation conducted by the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal team. (2008)

Cary House Investigation Part 1

This is a video of the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal teams investigation of the Cary House Hotel. (2008)

Silver Queen Hotel Walkthrough

This video is not the actual investigation. It is a quick walkthrough of the 1st floor hallway. (2008)

Cary House Hotel Walkthrough

This is a quick walkthrough of the Cary House Hotel 2nd floor before the ghost investigation.(2008)

Boulder Dam Trip 2 Hotel Clip

This is a short video of our investigation of the haunted Boulder Dam Hotel. (2008)

Bigfoots Pad Paranormal

This is a short video of the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Team members (2008)